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      Nike Kid's Apparel

      Kick-Starting Kids Fashion

      Kids Foot Locker knows what kids want to wear. Featuring a huge selection of Nike products — from sandals and shorts to boots and fleece and everything in between — and catering to boys and girls in infant to grade-school sizes, they have established themselves as one of the top places to go when seeking clothing for fashion-forward kids.

      Athlete-Inspired Attire

      Running shorts, yoga pants, performance tops, t-shirts, and hoodies are no longer just the clothing of athletes. The fitness movement sweeping the nation has inspired clothing trends from infant apparel to adult casual wear. Kids' apparel has followed along with the athletic craze, featuring styles that look and function as well on the court as off.

      New Fabric for a New Generation

      One of the biggest advances in athletic technology was wicking material. Nike's proprietary technology is called Dri-FIT, and it took off in the athletic industry. Before wicking fabric, most clothing items were made of cotton or a cotton combo. It breathed well, for a natural material, but absorbed and held moisture, weighing the clothing down and trapping uncomfortable heat next to the athlete's body. There was a need for a fabric that would move moisture away from the skin and keep athletes cool. Enter polyester, a material that is used in many Nike products to move sweat away from the body and to the fabric's surface, where it evaporates quicker.

      Sweat can provide a number of different issues for athletes and non-athletes alike. While wicking material started off as a way to help athletes, it quickly transitioned into casual wear and exploded in popularity once people discovered how cool and comfortable it kept them. Also, if properly cared for, polyester clothing maintains shape and color, and has less shrinkage than cotton and cotton blend products. Durability in kids' clothing is a must!

      Sizing Charts for the Perfect Fit

      Kids Foot Locker knows buying for kids is tough because they're always growing. We've set out to make the job of finding the right fit as easy as possible with sizing charts for boys' and girls' apparel as well as shoe size charts. Our Fit Promise guarantees the products you order will fit your child correctly the first time. If not, we promise to exchange or return the item(s) for free, including shipping!

      A Match Made in Heaven

      Kids Foot Locker and Nike have teamed up to form one of the best places to shop for the modern-day kid. Catering to both boys and girls with current fashion and the latest technology, as well as making the process as simple and hassle-free as possible, means it's never been easier for kids to Go BIG!