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We’re FILA’n those retro FILA vibes at Kids Foot Locker.

What you know as a top brand worn by world-class athletes and red-carpet regulars got a humble start as a textile manufacturer in Biella, Italy in 1911. The Brothers Fila supplied underwear to the townspeople, and soon word began to spread throughout the area about the high quality and smart design of the utilitarian pieces. After all, life in the Italian Alps during the early 20th century was hardly easy. Residents needed garments that were both durable and warm.

Sportswear for the masses

Fast forward to the 1970s, and the brand was establishing itself in the athletic world, producing apparel and footwear for various sports. One of their earliest and still most iconic endorsers was tennis great Bjorn Borg, who sported the famous FILA “F” during all five of his Wimbledon championships. (In 2018, Borg’s son Leo continued the legacy, and signed with the company.) During the 1980s and ’90s, FILA was a leader in the sportswear market, and its kicks and apparel were prized for clean looks and unbeatable quality. 

Beyond the court

Gain instant street cred with FILA’s distinct red, white, and blue color scheme and bold logos. With the F-13, Original Fitness, Original Tennis, Mindblower, or chunky Disruptor on your feet, you’ll turn heads from the classroom to the hardwood. Apparel ranges from graphic t-shirts and hoodies to comfy crewneck sweatshirts. While paying homage to its rich legacy, FILA also places itself firmly in the present, responding to today’s boldest trends in streetwear fashion. Shop a full selection of FILA footwear and apparel at Kids Foot Locker today.

Kids’ FILA Shoes and Beyond

FILA was born in Italy and established in the foothills of the Italian Alps. Starting out as clothing for people in the area who needed well-made knitwear layers for the cold conditions, FILA has over a hundred years of experience in providing comfortable pieces that won’t weigh anyone down. This collection of FILA shoes and clothing for kids has everything they need to get their wardrobe ready for anything.

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