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Sleek and Swift With Kids’ FILA Shoes


Since emerging from a small town in the Italian Alps, FILA has taken the world by storm with its sleek and sophisticated footwear. Your infant, toddler, preschooler, or grade school kid can now own some of the classic silhouettes that rocketed FILA to stardom. While they might be well-know and preferred shoes of tennis players, kids’ FILA shoes are about much more than dominating on the court. They also provide a sense of casual ease that looks good with both sportswear and jeans.

Be a Disruptor


Parents can choose from a wide range of FILA shoes, including styles for running around during gym class or a day of riding around in the stroller. For kids who want that perfect mix of style and active, the FILA Disruptor II is what they need. This classic shoe evolved from its ’90s origins into a new model for 21st-century kids. The chunky rubber outsole offers a clunky vibe that hip-hop stars and streetwear enthusiasts love to embrace. On the inside, an EVA midsole provides comfort as your kid struts around with pride in their step. This shoe looks fresh with other Kids’ FILA clothes, especially a sleek pair of joggers or leggings to offset the bulkiness of the sole.

Run On


Kids’ FILA shoes are another throwback addition that allows your child to run, walk, or crawl at their best. Let their feet breathe throughout the day with the lightweight feel of FILA Ray shoes. The EVA midsole gives your child the cushioning they need to walk upright. With both tongue and heel pull tabs, this shoe is easy to get on and off in a hurry. When paired with other FILA accessories like socks or hats, the FILA Ray gives your kids a relaxed look.

Red, White, and Blue


What makes kids’ FILA shoes stand out is the simple red, white, and blue logo found on nearly every style. Help your little one embrace the FILA lifestyle when you shop FILA toddler, infant, preschooler, and grade school kid styles from Kids Foot Locker.