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Shoot for the Stars With Kids’ Jordan Pants


Jordan pants are an iconic fit for your kids, and it showcases their love of basketball. These bottoms are all inspired by MJ’s lightning-fast reflexes and cat-like prowess. With a mix of legendary style and performance, kids’ Jordan pants help your child look like a superstar seven days a week.

For Warm-Ups or Couch Days


Jordan pants are also known for their versatility, as kids can wear them to basketball practice or on the couch. The Jordan Highlight Fleece Pant, for example, comes with soft brushed fleece fabric and tapered ankles to keep warmth in during chilly days. It’s ideal for when your kid will be sitting outside in the bleachers cheering on your local sports team. The lightweight fabric of the Jordan Jumpman Jogger keeps them from feeling dragged down, while the ankle cuffs prevent extra fabric from snagging everywhere they run.

What makes all of these kids’ Jordan pants stand out is the prominent Jumpman logo. Each pair features the iconic silhouette of MJ frozen mid-leap for a slam dunk. The symbol is instantly recognizable and connects your kid to generations of streetwear fashion. Though styles have changed throughout the years, the Jumpman logo has always stayed the same. 

Just Part of the Equation


To truly embrace the basketball lifestyle, kids should complete their Jordan wardrobe with more accessories. Kids’ Jordan shoes pair well with Jordan pants that have a tapered ankle fit that lets your kid show off the kicks without the pants hanging over them. Jordan T-shirts are a must when coordinating with matching pants, as they freshen up their look. Your kid could even wear a pair of Jordan shorts underneath the pants in case they get too hot. Whatever they need, you’ll find it here at Kids Foot Locker.

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