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Born from Skis

It was a pair of ski boots that inspired Art and Ernie Brunner to create a pair of sneakers durable enough to handle the aggressive ankle movements sustained while playing tennis.

After arriving in America from Switzerland, the downhill enthusiasts traded in their skis for tennis rackets but were sorely dissatisfied with the footwear options available at the time. The brothers saw this as a challenge, so they set out on a mission to create stylish, durable, and comfortable shoes that could not only stand up to the demands of the sport but look good both on and off the court.

Game, Set, Match: Rooted in tennis history, yet at home on the street.

They named their company K-Swiss (after a counter-culture spelling of California and their home country). Their first creation was the Classic, an all-leather shoe based on ski-boot binding. The shoe made its debut on the legendary Wimbledon grass in 1966 and became an instant hit with prominent players of the day. More than 50 years later it continues to be a street style staple. 

The iconic Classic was the only silhouette on the company’s roster for over two decades and its designed has remained consistent since its inception more than 50 years ago. Why mess with success? Worn by top athletes and celebrities alike, K-Swiss transcends time with lifestyle and fitness footwear in a variety of colorways and styles. The 5-stripe design remains a prominent feature, as does the famous Shield logo.

With silhouettes such as the Classic, ST329 Heritage or CMF, Kids Foot Locker has the K-Swiss kick you’re looking for.

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