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Stay Minimal With Nike Free for Kids


Most athletic shoes are filled with lots of cushioning and support, but kids’ Nike Free shoes take a different approach. These embrace the barefoot mindset by using minimal cushioning, allowing your child’s stride to develop in a more natural way. The biggest benefit here is that your child will have a reduced chance of repetitive stress injuries, as they won’t have as much heel striking when compared to padded shoes. Preschoolers and grade school kids who are starting to develop a love of running can test out these shoes to add a little spark to their step.

Choose Their Comfort Level


What’s fun about Kids’ Nike Free shoes is that you have a choice of cushioning levels depending on how much support your child wants or needs. For example, the Nike Free Run 5.0 comes in toward the lower end of the cushioning scale with a springy midsole. This helps the shoe stay flexible as your little one runs so it can adapt specifically to the movement of their feet. The shoe itself is lightweight and streamlined so it feels minimal on the foot. This is possible thanks to the lightweight and stretchy upper that snugly cradles your child’s feet.

The Nike Free Run 18 is a model that’s just as lightweight and flexible but with slightly more cushioning. It also includes a breathable mesh upper to keep the feet fresh. To keep the foot secured in the shoe, there’s also a hook-and-loop strap. Thanks to the flex grooves along the outsole, your child's foot will be able to bend naturally without needing to conform to the shape of the shoe.

A Fresh Start


With boys’ and girls’ Nike Free shoes, kids can develop a love of running early in life. The versatility of these models allows them to develop their stride in an optimal way. The Nike Free for kids can give them a way to express their inner confidence whether they’re running around the track or the backyard.

Need options for when your kid is having a rest day, too? Kids’ Nike Cortez are a good casual shoe. The classic retro look of these kicks looks and feels great on their feet. You’ll find this style and more when you shop Kids Foot Locker.