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Problem solving

Like a lot of sportswear companies, Under Armour began with one person who noticed a lack of quality product and decided to create his own.

In 1996, University of Maryland football captain Kevin Plank was annoyed that the cotton t-shirts he wore under his uniform were consistently soaked in sweat, while the compression shorts he wore remained dry. This inspired Plank to create sweat-wicking synthetic fabric shirts in the basement of his grandmother’s Georgetown rowhouse.

With Plank’s background in football, Under Armour Compression Apparel quickly caught on with amateur and professional players. He sold his first product to the Georgia Tech football program, soon followed by the Atlanta Falcons. Two years later, the company signed its first league-level deal, and became an official supplier to NFL Europe.

Screen Time

But it was in 1999 that the company received the greatest exposure: Clinching apparel deals for two football-centered films: “Any Given Sunday” and “The Replacements.” Years later, UA products would be seen on ESPN’s “Playmakers” and NBC’s “Friday Night Lights.”

Today, UA continues to develop technologies that propel the performance of compression and apparel forward. Together with their Heatgear and Coldgear technologies, Under Armour also produces performance footwear for many sports, including football and baseball cleats, running shoes, soccer cleats, and basketball shoes.

Under Amour basketball was launched in 2010. The anticipation created a buzz among sneaker and basketball fanatics. Former NBA player Brandon Jennings’ signature shoes used Micro-G foam for responsive cushioning. Since then, Under Armour has also released shoes using Charged Cushioning, a compression-molded foam for even greater responsiveness and durability.

MVP endorsed

In 2013, basketball MVP Steph Curry signed with Under Armour, and has released several signature kicks since then. Considered one of the top shooters in the league, Curry’s designs provide premium traction on the court as well as strength and support for quick, multi-directional movements. Hoops fans and sneakerheads alike eagerly await each new drop, so be sure to check out the Kids Foot Locker Release Calendar for news on upcoming releases. 

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