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Laid-back Lifestyle With Vans Shoes for Kids

Vans is synonymous with a casual, laid-back lifestyle, and now, your kid can enjoy the style too. Vans shoes for kids offer a taste of the skateboarding life without the need to log hundreds of hours at the skatepark. When your grade school kid, preschooler, toddler, or infant slips on these kicks, they’ll be joining a culture that worships being chill. Sit back, take it easy, and let them express themselves with Vans.

Skating Since ’66

Vans first emerged on the scene in 1966, and since then, it has been an iconic part of streetwear style. Since that time, Vans has used the slogan “Off the Wall'' to describe itself, and it’s entirely fitting. Kids’ Vans shoes embrace this motto by allowing your kid to show off who they really are. While many of the Vans silhouettes are similar, every style comes in a number of colorways and designs so your child can pick the shoe that truly speaks to them.

High or Low?

The main choice you will need to make when picking out kids’ Vans shoes is high top or low top. Low-top styles, like the Vans Old Skool for kids, offer a more OG vibe and can be worn with nearly any outfit. In particular, Vans Old Skool kicks are perfect for the skatepark, with a sturdy toe-box to prevent accidents and a cushioned midsole for tons of comfort. And since the cut is lower, the padded ankle collars keep your kid running and playing all day long without discomfort.

That said, high-top Vans shoes for kids also have their benefits. Styles like the Vans Sk8-Hi come up over the ankles for a little more rigid support throughout the day. They also feature padded collars to prevent blisters. Your kid will love the way these look with gym shorts and a T-shirt, or even with jeans.

More Than Just Shoes

Why not go all out for your little one? Help them walk, crawl, or toddle with confidence when you get them an entire Vans outfit. Kids’ Vans hoodies look great when thrown on top of a Vans T-shirt. Pair it all with some jeans or joggers, and your kid will look like they belong under the Southern California sun. And don’t forget to browse Vans for girls or Vans for boys to find the exact style your kid needs to shine.