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Boys' Shorts

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Prepare for Warm Weather

Help your child stay cool on hot days or during gym class with this selection of boys’ shorts. Toddlers, preschoolers, and grade school kids can all wear these styles, making it easy for everyone to find options.

Shorts for kids are great because they’re so casual. It’s easy to slip them on — especially for younger kids — and they pair well with most clothing. Boys’ T-shirts look great with a pair of shorts. Kids can get an extra-coordinated pop of style when they coordinate brands. You can also add boys’ hoodies and sweatshirts just in case the weather starts cooling off and your little one gets chilly.

Find Your Brand

You’re spoiled with choice when it comes to boys’ shorts. Choose from numerous top brands, including adidas, Champion, Fila, Nike, and Under Armour.

All of these brands have their own unique attributes, meaning you can personalize your child’s clothing depending on their needs. For example, if you’re seeking a pair of boy's basketball shorts, Jordan, Under Armour, and adidas are excellent choices.

For something more casual, try brands like Fila, Kappa, Champion, or Puma. If your child aspires to work on their game and become the next superstar, performance-minded shorts from Nike or Under Armour are your best bet.

Features to Look For

Kids’ shorts offer slightly different features than adult shorts, so it’s important to think about what your kiddo needs. For example, an adjustable drawcord around the waist is convenient when your kid has growth spurts. The Nike Melted Crayon Fleece Shorts are a great example of a pair that offers just that.

Kids also tend to run around a lot, so it’s easy for them to overheat. Shorts like the Under Armour Baseline Shorts come with mesh side panels to offer cooling ventilation so they don’t get too hot.

And while your kid probably isn’t carrying around a wallet or car keys, they may still have snacks, a phone, or even school supplies to tote around. This means pockets are essential, and luckily, the Jordan Block Mesh Shorts have two pockets on the sides for all of your kid’s small items.

Whatever pair of shorts you decide to go with, rest easy that your kid will be cool, comfortable, and stylish

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