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Fast as a Hedgehog With Kids’ PUMA Sonic


Sonic the Hedgehog has long been a legend in the world of gaming, and now, the iconic spiny creature is teaming up with PUMA for the ultimate collab. Kids’ PUMA Sonic takes the best parts of the kids’ PUMA RS-X and combines them with the fun and wacky world of Sonic. The result is a shoe that’s fast and colorful. These kicks are the ultimate way for your toddler, preschooler, or grade school kid who loves the classic game to express themselves.

It’s All in the Design


When you think of Sonic, you probably envision a spiky blue animal with a yellow-toned body. The kids’ RS-X Sonic draws direct inspiration from this color palette by offering a number of colorways in these hues. However, the fun doesn’t stop there. You’ll also notice small video game-inspired details all throughout the shoe, including golden rings along the heel and motion graphics along the side and outsole. Every piece of this shoe is a creative nod to the game, and kids will love finding all the Easter eggs hidden throughout.

Fast as a Feather


One of Sonic’s other defining traits is his speed. These kids’ PUMA Sonic kicks are meant to emulate that as much as possible by using Running System technology. This means every shoe has cushioning from the forefoot to the heel, giving little speed demons the support they need to zoom around without stopping. With a rubber outsole, these shoes also help your kid keep their traction as they work their way up to top speed. There is also a full lace closure to keep your child’s foot locked down and secure while they’re speeding around the house or playground.

Finish the Look


To finish your child’s epic look, consider other PUMA clothing to go with their new kids’ RS-X Sonic shoes. Since the shoes themselves are so eye-catching, a less bold PUMA T-shirt and a pair of shorts would make the perfect combo. To change up their look, you may want to look into expanding your kids’ PUMA shoe options with the kids’ suede PUMA shoes. These are one of PUMA’s most popular styles, thanks to their casual and versatile vibe. Whatever you decide, Kids Foot Locker will be here to provide all the styles you need.